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If you purchase one of these cars, please contact us with the serial number as we often do not get a chance to enter these in the registry!

Nice car in Michigan

Sebring in Phoenix. Questionable motor description :-).. $10,500


Orange County CA Sebring for $9985.00 with a bad v6 engine









Resources for parts, accessories and other items

For the Sterling owner, parts are thankfully available through Sterling Sports Cars. Dave has many of the body pieces and/or the molds you may need to complete your project, start a new one or add some uniqueness to your cars! As most of the cars are VW based, see our links page for chassis, brake, and wheel vendors. Glass is a common request, and Sterling Sports Cars has all the glass you need, including windshields. For Sebring owners and Cimbria owners, things get a little more difficult. First generation Sebrings share side glass in common. First generation Sebring windshields seem to be shared with the Sterling and can be a direct swap. Second generation Sebring (Turbo) side glass is larger and is not available; windshields may be different. Confirmation will be forthcoming whether Sterling glass can be used on second gen cars.

Other than glass, body parts for both style cars are virtually non-existant. Nothing will swap over from the Sterling, except for the rear engine cover and possibly the louver section. Later Sebrings and Cimbria have completely different body dimensions, and there are no parts available for those, including the glass. If anyone has been able to source parts for later model cars, please let me know!



Cimbria windshields now available. Cost less shipping is $1470.00. Keep in mind this is for a brand new, limited production run custom piece of glass specifically for all year Cimbria. PLEASE SEND INQUIRIES TO


Club oriented merchandise for both the US and UK owners! Shirts, hats, mugs, calendars and more!

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Car Covers: Believe it or not, California Car Cover still has OEM covers for Sterlings.
That link will bring you to the fabric selection page. California Car Cover has changed their selection menu, so you will have to chose your fabric, then physically call and tell them you want the Sterling GT cover, pattern #2075.

The covers should fit all year Sterling, Sebring and Cimbria vehicles.

for sale by owner

Cars, Parts & Accessories for sale by private parties. Contact Webmaster to post your item! Phone numbers or email addresses must be included in your ad. Email addresses will be coded for security; phone numbers will be posted as given.

Ads will run for two months unless sold before then. Any seller who wishes to continue the ad must contact the webmaster directly.