Brian Smith

Sterling #CCC706

Brian (Buzz) Smith bought this car as a burned out shell. The previous owner had wired it with household wiring and wire nuts. The car has been widened eight and half inches and lowered four inches. It has added side air effects and proximity top controls. Buzz made a  multifunction shifter knob ( operates headlights, horn,  windshield wiper,  back up lights- for  people who  ride up behind with their brights on- and  channel changer) all from Radio Shack parts. The car features hand-made bucket seats and trans am tail lights turned upside down and reversed to fill in the back end.
Buzz has taken a number of first place trophies with this car including  one from a Jerry Lewis sponsored event where it was given the Jerry's Kids Choice award. The  car has cost Buzz $7800 so far, and he is planning on adding another $500 this spring. Buzz also has three Fiberfab avengers and a motorcycle that he is creating -a 3 wheeler in reverse with a full fiberglass body.






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VW 4 speed

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