Corky Kaericher

Cimbria SS











Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement

It has a VW vin on the dash and inside, no other numbers indicate any type of body serial number, that I have noticed or located yet.


Grimy white on top with rattle can red on the hood and trunk several other color layers underneath, including black, white, red and teal green.




VW 4 speed with a typical Hurst Shifter

Original Features/Equipment

Seems 100% stock and almost 100% complete, except for the gutted interior. Apparently it had been in dry storage for an indeterminate amount of time but it has also been outside, as the carburetor was full of water, and the exhaust is rusted out. With a quick carb cleaning, new plugs and some fresh gas from a bottle, we are able to run and drive the all stock, all original air cooled 1600cc VW engine.

Owner additions/modifications

Interior is mostly gutted, seems almost 100% original. Dashboard missing some covers and gauges, dash pad is in excellent condition

Previous owners, last owner listed first


Bought from local used car/junk lot on 7/5/2010, where it had been obtained from a “you-store-it” type storage facility in an unpaid lease storage contents auction.

Hollywood, FL