Gary Davis

Sterling #CCC463











Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement



snow white


2.0 Subaru


VW 4 speed Freeway Flyer

Original Features/Equipment

All the original equiptment needed to be replaced except for a few things.  I got the motor to run  (believe it or not) after sitting for 10 years. I gave it to a friend.  The body is in great shape.  Seats and dash are good.  Bumper, nose piece, and sides need a little work but are in good condition.  Original hood was no good.  Gas tank was open for 10 years(use your imagination)  :)

Owner additions/modifications

Complete Rebuild. Removed all rust from pan and other parts from sitting for 10 years.  New primer (2 coats), Paint(1 coat), and fresh Undercoating(2 coats). I am adding electric motion actuators for the roof from Installing a 1994 EJ20H Subaru Legacy 2.0L water cooled engine. Coolers for motor and A/C from similar Legacy. I have a Custom Freeway Flyer 4 Speed Trans-Axle from To accompany it, a 2800lb clutch kit from KEP. Also from KEP,  a new throwout bearing, flywheel, and adapter plate.  New brake lines, master cylinder and wheel cylinders(disk to come soon) Also adding new hood with nostrils for air intake(engine cooling and A/C.) New Ball Joints  for steering, Steering Damper and Steering Cylinder.  I am also installing new window seals, rear window and tunnel. New seal on roof. Tinting windows.  Also installing new Pedal kit. New gas tank and related parts. Will add more when I can, or if I can later as build continues. 

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