J. Dunham

Sterling #100AA

One of 40 Ed Wright built Sterlings from R&W Auto, Oakland, California. Car was used in the company literature. 1500cc single port VW engine, factory air conditioning (currently under "reconstruction"), drum brakes all around.

From what can be determined with photos, this may be the second "paint scheme" available from Wright's shop. Notice the lettering on the canopy - it reads "Sterling MF II". Whatever the MF stands for is anyone's guess - I like to think it's "Motor Finish", but an insider from the factory stated it means something far less..pleasant! Ed Wright's personal car was marked with "MF I" and had a slightly different paint scheme, and a factory ad (of which both were shown in addition to the third car) shows a third car with yet a different take on the paint. That one is marked "MF III".

This one is being brought up to standards currently; front and rear disc brakes installed, three point seat belts and slightly modified Miata seats have been fitted. A type 4 engine is installed for a little more pep and to help drive the a/c compressor.





Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement







VW 4 speed

Original Features/Equipment

OEM from factory/Wright shop

Owner additions/modifications

Updating a/c system with modern compressor; additional ventilation points in the cockpit, three-point seat belts, little odds and ends to bring it up to reliable driving condition.

Previous owners, last owner listed first


Rick Milne


Jack McKain


Mel Pasternack