Jay Laifman

Sebring #203











Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement







VW 4 speed

Original Features/Equipment

OEM from factory

Owner additions/modifications

Originally turbocharged 1600 VW dual port heads, now 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT V6 with full computer and injection, 140hp, gear box rebuilt with SuperVee stronger parts, solid front tranny mount but OEM rubber mounts at transmission, Karmann Ghia front end with disc brakes and adjustable lowering kit, KYB gas shocks, larger front anti roll bar, Porsche VDO large gauges with full VDO gauges for rest, custom highback seats which were Corvette seats cut in half and narrowed, gear shift and emergency brake moved backwards, gas pedal and brake and clutch pedals all rebuilt for better angle, full air conditioning, factory (Fiero) cruise control, wiring by rocket scientist (my dad) that would make even the most meticulous excited, special light weight webbed metal braiding under car for better antenna reception, special CD radio with not completely legal booster that would communicate even out of state (now safely in the garage), cool period Alpine radio.  Formerly had the license plate “RED TOI” but dad took that back for his current red T-Bird.

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Steve Laifman