Peter Hillyer

Nova #35

I'm the owner of Nova #35 which I purchased in Germany in 1975. The Porsche S-90 engine had blown and after minimal repairs it was shipped to my home in Seattle where it has resided.

I am interested in Design so there were a couple of issues that I thought I could make better.

I have curved the roof and the tops of the windows to mirror the fender line. I have lowered the rear valence to actually cover the engine and align the side break line at the back. To do this I had to lower the rear deck which allowed me to add another element to the back loovers. I have had both the original tail lights and the Sterling version. I am much more pleased with the way mine came out.

Along the way I have redone the fender wells, added a third tail light, enlarged the back window and updated the rear view mirrors.

It is on the road but just barely. I've got a lot to do and a few problemsyet to solve but hey its fun!


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VW 4 speed

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