Rick Milne

Custom Sterling created by CCC owner Norm Rose


This car I bought from another club member in Texas. It's the car that was owned by Norm Rose, one of the owners of California Componet Cars back in the day. It is a completely custom build by Norm and a few other people, and has a complete tube chassis and a mid-engine V6 Ford engine. The body is constructed from two of the original versions of the Sterling, and was fitted with the optional hide-away headlights. It's currently awaiting it's turn to be restored, stay tuned for more photos as that happens!

Update Dec '09: You can follow my build here. After removing the body and doing some further investigation, the body is actually constructed of two different generation cars, the interior tub is first generation, the exterior portion from a GT. From what I can tell, the first generation car was never serial numbered, which means that it probably was simply pulled it from the production line. It's clues are the map pockets in the side walls and the pockets for the hydraulic cylinders. The GT clues are the hidden headlight with turn indicator pocket, the slit air intake behind the cockpit and a wider engine bay.



Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement



primer grey

custom tube

2.8 Ford V6


Audi automatic

Original Features/Equipment

one-off custom body, full tube frame midengine configuration, early Nova-inspired wrap-around dashboard.

Owner additions/modifications

still in restoration phase. Motor has been re-gasketed and custom headers created. Transaxle has been rebuilt and a new torque comverter installed. Radiator has been moved to the nose with a Sovran style hood installed. Currently working on steering geometry setup.

Previous owners, last owner listed first


Ahmad Abdo


Norm Rose