Robert Moore

Sterling # B57





Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement

B57 – Midwest Component Cars






VW 4 speed

Original Features/Equipment

Hydraulic roof pump and pistons. The nameplate says “Midwest Component Cars”. The word “California” does not appear on the nameplate. I visited the Midwest Sterling Factory in 1976. I believe it was in Forest Park, IL near Chicago. I bought the car from the original owner in 1980 in Virginia. The car is currently with me in Virginia Beach, Va.

Owner additions/modifications

Ferrari Red exterior paint, vinyl/leather black diamond side/back wall interior, black interior carpet, front disc brakes, removable sunroof, square headlights, removable side windows, custom head rests for the seats, fog lights and custom front directional indicators. For me, the unfinished interior side/back wall was the first thing to be covered. I have never liked the look of a factory bare interior. The first thing to go on the exterior was the ugly round “frog eye” headlights. I made matching black vinyl protective covers for the removable side windows and they store behind the front seats. Like most owners, I have spent hundreds of hours on the car. I did all the engine, transmission and mechanical work. I did all the custom bodywork for the headlights, sunroof and filling the side seams. I painted the car as well. I also designed, cut and sewed the interior carpet, vinyl and leather. Finding parts to rebuild the hydraulic pump, locking valve and pistons was a challenge back in the day before the Internet existed. I wound up driving the car to a hydraulic parts warehouse, took the valve off the car in the parking lot and took it inside. They thought the car was so cool, they replaced the broken seal in the valve for free and did not even charge me for the seal.

Previous owners, last owner listed first


Unknown – I purchased the car from the original owner in 1980.