Tom Cahill

Sterling #CCC752

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I'm the original owner of Sterling 00752. I bought it from CCC "on sale". A long time after I had bought it and took delivery I found out the "sale" was the bankruptcy sale. I also got ripped off for some parts like taillights, all gauges, some interior trim for the hinges, and a few other things. I bought it right in the beginning of the year, 1979. Shipping from California to New York was a little over a thousand bucks. Crating was extra. Somewhere along the way, a truckers strike occurred and the car sat somewhere in Peoria, Ill. for weeks. When it finally made it to Poughkeepsie, I had to rent a very large truck and pick up the crate at a trucking warehouse. I was living in Kingston at the time, but trying to buy a house in Highland. I got the owners of the house I was trying to buy to allow me to deliver the car to the house before we even had the closing. That way I wouldn't have to transport the body to Kingston, then back to Highland a week or 2 later. The chassis I was intending to use came from a 1970 bug that I bought for the project. It was only 6 or 7 years old when I bought it, so it was in pretty good shape. It was up in Kingston. After we had the closing on the house, we moved in, and I also found a way to tow the chassis down here. I had previously prepped it and got it ready to go while I was still living in Kingston. This was May, 1979. It was pretty stressful trying to get all these various elements to come together all at the right time. And oddly, the truckers strike actually helped in the timing of things. Definitely a once in a lifetime undertaking. I worked on it alot for the next 2 years, where I finally got it road worthy. The original 70 bug motor had went bad on me, so I got hold of a 72 ghia motor that was equipped with the autostick. I ran that motor for a few years until I got a "mail order motor" from Bernie Bergman somewhere around 1985. I've been running that ever since. It's an 1835cc. W/ dual carbs, a mild cam, & a polished aluminum fan shroud. Estimated horses: 92. Car is registered as 1700 lbs. A little after that I installed a front disk brake kit. That's about it. Being as I'm not a body man, nor do I have a lot of money, I did not smooth out the mold lines, or paint it. It still has the original red gel coat finish which I would say is in "decent" shape. I don't drive it much these days, and it does have a few minor issues which I need to attend to. I don't ever plan on selling it, it's too much a part of me. Warts and all. Tom




Body Serial Number


OEM Exterior Color


Engine displacement



Ferrari red




VW custom 4 spd

Original Features/Equipment

Pop-up headlights; otherwise bone stock. Mounted on bone stock 1970 Beetle chassis.

Owner additions/modifications

A cassette tape deck and 12 band EQ/booster and 4 speakers. (2-6x9's and 2-5" coax's.) 1835cc engine with mini-sump; dual Kadron's and a mild cam. Estimated horsepower: 92. Remote mounted oil cooler fan with thermostat. Front disc brakes. Tinted side glass.

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