S” and “B” designations are believed to be from the Midwest manufacturing facility, using the original molds from the Oakland, CA facility. There are also other designations, such as “GP” from the Midwest facility as that facility subcontracted some of the moldmaking to other companies.


First NameLast NameLast LocationModelSerial NumberVehicle Photonotes
rldWniCfvHuVI XRPGVEZiaxgl Other Cimbria dGicSoTO KGQYItHPCcL
uKnQfGVUypTJmw NsvXHlfi Other Cimbria bPNYWlZRInTqog mlDWOZri
Isaias Rodriguez California Sterling 685 Porsche 2.0 and 5 speed trans
Pablo Berber Utah Sterling I don't know. I need to find new parts for it! Help!
Kayla Dunn New York Sebring Unknown
Luke Ashlocke-Francis Arkansas Sterling 0269
kat nikoichi Other Sterling c cc361 After spending three years restoring,I was finally able to register the number.This is the beginning.
RICHARD OWENS Illinois Sterling S 0 3 6
JB Basler Michigan Sebring Unknown
Chris Weeks California Sterling CCC.514 1971
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