S” and “B” designations are believed to be from the Midwest manufacturing facility, using the original molds from the Oakland, CA facility. There are also other designations, such as “GP” from the Midwest facility as that facility subcontracted some of the moldmaking to other companies.


First NameLast NameLast LocationModelSerial NumberVehicle Photonotes
Mfexdwyukmgh wKTtuEAfZegbJyqm Alabama Sterling wqmQKVADROv glRpJFeafnNsDPX
yQGFOMkjUCpeNR jqVXGlLkdQ Alabama Sterling UlkLRpGWNigJ iEWuolNbAxBtpe
gary culley Washington Sterling CCC455 need parts
NnbKoJZeFlh HdliBtJupMLORYZ Alabama Sterling rmulbGEgZBXk PaKDFTGlOnpH
Peter Puleio North Carolina Sterling 296
FbKlmgHUCZzwcNV YgMqaFrCcuTdeJQl Alabama Sterling QHrPyKbpl hgIHFbRBywx
Travis Webb Washington Sterling 364 WIP
sdvQjtRuS pvzhLJVKH Alabama Sterling pheGWYxL DtQIPHXRvW
Jose Delgado California Sterling CCC327
Nathan Carter Nevada Sterling CCC312 Saved from wrecking yard. Currently undergoing restoration!
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