S” and “B” designations are believed to be from the Midwest manufacturing facility, using the original molds from the Oakland, CA facility. There are also other designations, such as “GP” from the Midwest facility as that facility subcontracted some of the moldmaking to other companies.


First NameLast NameLast LocationModelSerial NumberVehicle Photonotes
RICHARD OWENS Illinois Sterling S 0 3 6
JB Basler Michigan 2 Unknown
Chris Weeks California Sterling CCC.514 1971
Travis Webb Washington Sterling 000364 In repair. Has a wide body kit and flip headlights.
gary culley Washington Sterling CCC455 need parts
Peter Puleio North Carolina Sterling 296
Jose Delgado California Sterling CCC327
Nathan Carter Nevada Sterling CCC312 Saved from wrecking yard. Currently undergoing restoration!
Travis Dennison Ohio Sterling B63 Was given this car for FREE!! Cant believe how lucky I am to have come into possession of this thing. Excited to get it back on the road.
Randy Vogel Iowa Sterling 50818 I need a front valance panel
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