S” and “B” designations are believed to be from the Midwest manufacturing facility, using the original molds from the Oakland, CA facility. There are also other designations, such as “GP” from the Midwest facility as that facility subcontracted some of the moldmaking to other companies.


First NameLast NameLast LocationModelSerial NumberVehicle Photonotes
Chris Thomas Wisconsin Sterling 015
William Inman Nevada Sterling 769 I originally bought my Sterling in 1979 from CCC in San Lroenzo, CA and have owned it ever since. Have never finished it, though.
Wim Smet Other Sterling 000
Isaiah Simmons Arkansas Sterling CCC268
Mark Fitzgerald Nebraska Sterling B20
Ryan Fox Oregon Sterling 40 Restoration at %75%
chris weeks California Sterling 62396292396
Al Algolio Connecticut Sterling 503
Vincent Bertling Arizona Sterling 704
Jeff Dunham California Sterling 100AA
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